the first month

September 26th, 2013 at 11:20 am. Posted in awkward and awesome,life.

Things we’ve accomplished in the first month of marriage:

1. Josh and I went rollerblading the other day. Okay, I went rollerblading and he ran because he’s never been on rollerblades before. Whaaaaaaat. I only almost fell a couple of times, and I have no idea how to stop. Oh, and I wore short socks and now my lower calves are torn up. Awesome! Married life is full of wonder.


Our adventure included serenading him with Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” when it came up on my Pandora. There weren’t many other people on the trail, but a couple heard us. At least we made them smile! Yes, those are zebra-print pads (that are a million years old)! Yeah, definitely need to get some new gear. And taller socks. Maybe some smaller sunglasses.

2. Super cleaning spree. In addition to all of our wedding gifts needing to be opened and put away in our small apartment, we’ve accumulated a TON of stuff in the past three years. Eight bags of recyclables, one bag of garbage, a mountain of stuff for Goodwill, a bag of towels/blankets for the animal shelter, a bag of clothes for Josh’s little sister, a box of stuff for one of my best friends, and a collection of items that I need to find homes for, our computer room is finally clean, as are our closets! We just need to sort through our wedding decor and deal with that, clear off the deck before winter hits, and clear off the monster pile of stuff that’s now on my computer desk.

3. Finally took our winter coats and some other things to the dry cleaners! Like grown ups! (Okay, this was one of those “hey-we-need-to-do-this-then-forgot-a-billion-times” things.)

4. I’m working on a “rebrand” of the site! If I can figure out the coding for what I want, I’ll get it migrated soon and (hopefully) more content going. I took the new logo that I designed and framed it for us to hang up–Josh loved it.

5. Star Wars cat toys. Yes.

I was pretty excited when I saw these at Petco; I had to restrain myself from buying everything–the cats would very likely hate us if we tried to dress them in Leia head buns or Yoda ears, so I stuck with a couple of toys. The Falcon on a stick is Murphy’s favorite, and Mister has yet to chew off and eat the ribbons or tear the stuffing out (like he did with her other favorite toy), so I call that a win.

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  • Janelle Kenyon

    awesome! I too have had a cleaning streak in the house!! Love the pic! Ah, rollerblading how long ago did I do that!! It sounds like a great time being married!!